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Upyoga High Density Foam Yoga Knee Pads

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Yoga Knee Pad Cushion Knees Protection Versatile Sponge Knee Cushion for Exercise Gardening Yard Work

High quality materials - Our mats are made of environmentally friendly NBR material, non-toxic, PVC-free, latex-free, odorless, non-slip, textured and durable.
Relieve Pain - Reduces pain and stress on your knees, elbows, wrists, forearms, etc. It can be added to any exercise program to complete every movement comfortably.
Multiple uses - it is suitable for gardening, baby bath time, housework, sports and yoga, camping, sporting events, home installation and maintenance, and car repair.
Easy to carry - Light weight, small size, placed in the trunk, does not take up a lot of volume, making this mat the perfect travel companion!

  •  NO MORE PAIN - Even the best of us face that uncomfortable pain in our knees and elbows when leaning on hard surfaces, right? The repetitive strain on these parts of your body can literally ruin your quality of life. Well, not anymore! If you’re looking for a way to ensure you keep that youthful spring in your step, you’re in the right place. Less hurting, more healing. Experience true knee, elbow and wrist comfort for the first time! 24" W x 10" L and 15mm thick (over half an inch).

  • THAT EXTRA SUPPORT YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR - You’ll be wondering how you’ve managed so long without it. Finally, you can get your revenge on those hurtful hardwood floors with our mini yoga mat. Most “new pain” gained from bad Yoga practice was reported to be in the shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist and knee. We don’t want you to be one of these cases, do you?


  • THE MOST PORTABLE PROTECTION - No longer will you need to try awkwardly folding over your yoga mat for that desperately needed extra cushioning. Not only will it provide soft and secure surface for your joints, it can be used as a mat extension, which is great for resting your head! Our mat fits easily into your yoga mat bag, it’s durable, and it’s perfectly lightweight. The perfect thickness without sacrificing safety and balance. Latex free, contains no phthalates.


  • QUALITY GUARANTEED FOR LIFE - Designed and developed in the USA for optimal comfort, balance and stability. Don't waste your time ordering and returning low quality yoga knee pads. It’s not your fault if you have already, there are too many out there. If there’s one thing you can’t buy more of, it’s time. Let us give you the best, guaranteed for a lifetime, yoga knee pad on the market. The Mat is your only safe choice. Get it right the first time.



Yoga, Abs training, and bodyweight training are great – they enhance your fitness, make your muscles stronger, improve your posture, rectify the hormonal imbalance and increase blood flow in the body.

What’s not great is the knee and elbow pain these exercises bring.

But why is that?

It’s because you are not providing enough support to them. That’s where this Yoga Knee Pad will come into play. It provides the padding needed by these joints so that you have a comfortable, pain-free exercise session at your home or gym.