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Cork Massage Roller

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Release built-up tension and relieve stiffness with the most eco-friendly "Not-Foam" roller in the world! The Upyoga compact cork massage roller is a great tool for Muscle Pain Relief, Tension Relief, Sore Muscle Relief, Yoga Therapy and gives you the ultimate Deep-tissue massage in a small, ultra-firm package and The compact size is great for travel or storing the roller in tight spaces. Ideal for single arm and single leg work.

What makes the Upyoga Cork Massage Roller special?

  • PREVENTS FROM INJURY:  Roll across to your body before the gym - it helps you release your muscle, prevent injury. Relax after exercise - helps you release deep issue, improve blood circulation. It is also  suitable for Trigger points relief & yoga physical therapy.

  • THE NATURAL WAY TO RELIEVE MUSCLE TENSION, KNOTS & TIGHT FASCIA: A versatile choice for injury prevention, rehab, and even just for warming up muscles prior to running, the cork rollers delivers an ultra-firm massaging effect. With its dense core, this roller offers incredible stability as you apply more body weight.

  • EXTRA FIRM: This roller packs some serious massaging power. The ULTRA-FIRM dense cork surface is highly intense and perfect for targeting larger tight muscles.

  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY SHAPE: The cork roller is stubby enough to fit inside your carry-on bag! It's also designed with rounded edges to protect the cork from chips or cracking.

  • LIGHT-WEIGHT & MOBILE: Measuring only 3.2in x 12in (8cm x 30cm), and under 2 lbs, Upyoga's cork roller is easy to use at home or take on the road.

  • NO TOXIC CHEMICALS: Our roller NEVER comes into contact with BPA, PVC, petroleum, harsh chemicals, smelly powders or dangerous phthalates. Grippy on your skin, the roller is made of high quality Portuguese cork that is sustainable, antimicrobial, and better for the environment.
  • WASHABLE: The Upyoga cork roller is simple and easy to clean. All you have to do is wash it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and prevent it from smelling.

  • TARGETED: The cork roller is ideal for targeting specific muscles and spots in the back and legs.