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Maya's Dynamic Heat & Massage Therapy for Period Cramps | Upgraded

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This period cramp reliever is your ticket to cozy periods. 

 The Only Original Cramp Relief Device In India With 
1 Year Warranty

Warranty only valid if you buy from,
Beware of other websites selling duplicate products using our images and description, Maya Heat & Massage device is only available on, UPYOGA ® is a Registered Trademark

Experience Quick & Safe Relief from Menstrual Pain with Our Smart Heating & Vibration Pad - Featuring Fast Heating & Vibration in Just 2 Seconds with Built-in Upgraded Intelligent Security Chip.

Her combination of heat and massage therapy helps soothe cramps, relax your muscles and reduce bloating. 

She can be worn on your tummy or lower back. And her slim, lightweight design means you get instant relief whenever, wherever. warranty only applicable if you buy from

Designed with 3 heating temp and 3 vibration massage modes, you could adjust the temperature according to your actual needs which are comfortable for your menstrual, stomach, and muscles. The heating pads for cramps is more than just a heating pad, but is also a massage device that allows you to choose the suitable vibration mode for you, and brings you a comfortable massage experience.

The heating pads for cramps use composite fiber layers, and an inner lycra fabric layer for a better feeling, all those layers of heating pads make our product close to your abdomen. The breathable material provides you breathable wearing experience, and won’t make you feel uncomfortable, using it while making you feel at ease. warranty only applicable if you buy from

With low noise during the operation and cordless design, heating pads for cramps are also suitable for multiple scenes uses. warranty only applicable if you buy from The wireless design allows the electric heat pad is not limited by the use scenarios, simply charge the waist belt through the USB port, then you can start resting at home, in the office, on the way to work, or on other occasions by using the period cramp heating pad.


Q.Is the period cramp massager belt adjustable for different body sizes?
A. Yes, the device is designed to be adjustable to accommodate different body sizes. This come with adjustable elastic straps to ensure a comfortable fit for various body types.

Q. Can I use the period cramp massager belt while sleeping?
A. yes , the product comes with an automatic shut down features to ensure safety.

Q. How often should I use the period cramp massager belt?
A. The frequency of use may differ depending on individual needs and preferences. Typically, utilizing the device in brief intervals during times of discomfort is recommended.

Q. Are there different intensity levels/settings on the period cramp massager belt?
A. This period cramp massager has 4 vibration modes and 3 heating levels, giving you the ability to customized your experience to your specific comfort and pain levels. These settings offer a range of gentle massage to more intense pressure, allowing for flexibility and accommodating different preferences.

Q. How long does the battery of the period cramp massager belt last on a single charge?
A. You can use it for 24 hours once fully charged.

THE GREAT GIFT CHOICE FOR GIRLUPYOGA heating pads for cramps is packed in a beautiful gift box, so they can be a great self-use product, but also as a gift for your girlfriend, daughter, mother and friends.

MATERIAL : Our lightweight and comfortable menstrual heating pad, made of thick ABS material and soft fabric, is designed to be portable and provide skin-friendly comfort.

In order to let the Menstrual Relief Pad normal work, thanks to using your output 5V 2A charger; Most issues of not work due to using the output 5V 1A charger. warranty only applicable if you buy from

  • Dynamic heat to relieve pain
  • Massage your lower back and abdomen muscles
  • Enhance abdominal blood flow & circulation
  • Portable to wear anywhere for up to 8 hours

How it works:

Imagine having a massage just for your cramps. This is a warm, relaxing massage that hits all the right spots.

  1. Thoroughly read the user manual to get essential information about the product’s features, settings and safety guidelines.
  2. Fully charge the massager for an uninterrupted usage time.
  3. Before each use, clean the massager to maintain hygiene and improve the lifespan of the tool.
  4. Now, sit or lie down in a comfortable position and allow your muscles to relax.
  5. Next step is to switch on the massager and adjust the settings as per your preference.
  6. Place the device on the lower abdomen and adjust the waist belt to target the menstrual pain. Now, relax and enjoy the process.
  7. Make sure you don’t fall asleep while using the massager if it doesn’t come with an automatic shutdown option to ensure safety.

     PUT HER ON......

    PRESS BUTTON......

    AND RELAX.....

    Ditch the pills.

    We've been taught to take pills that are riddled with harmful side-effects. Switch to UPYOGA warranty only applicable if you buy from cramp reliever for healthy, drug-free period cramp relief.

    Goodbye cramps.

    Upyoga cramp reliever starts soothing your cramps instantly —no matter how intense. With 3 unique modes, this has your back no matter what.

    Live life blissfully.

    Now, you can take back control over your life. Stay on top of your school, work and your goals. Become the best version of yourself. warranty only applicable if you buy from

    Your new best friend.

    Unlike other options, Upyoga cramp reliever really works. No setup, no subscriptions, no awkward cords. warranty only applicable if you buy from

    Her slim, lightweight design is comfortable. And instead of just masking your cramps, she stops them right at the source.

    Perfect for relieving menstrual cramps, back pain, and stomach cold. With an adjustable elastic strap and buckle, it can stretch up to 52 inches, fitting all shapes and sizes.


    • 1. Built-in lithium battery 1800mAh
    • 2. Two control buttons (adjust vibration, adjust temperature)
    • 3. 2 seconds rapid heating, built-in security chip
    • 4. 3-speed intelligent temperature adjustment
    • 5. 4-speed vibration massage
    • 6. Adjustable elastic strap with buckle

    Package Included:

    • 1*Heating Pad
    • 1*USB Cable
    • 1*Manual