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Upyoga Trilogy Red Light Therapy Hair Scalp Massager & Oil Applicator Hair Rejuvenation Device | 1 Year Warranty

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Experience ultimate relaxation with the Scalp Trio Massager - A Scalp Massaging Brush and oil applicator that will leave you feeling blissful and rejuvenated!


  • 72 Massage Brittles
  • Increased Absorption Levels
  • 850nm Red Light Therapy

    Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation with the Scalp Trio Massaging Brush. This innovative Shiatsu hair scalp massager offers luxurious revitalization, blending traditional massage techniques with modern convenience. Soothing and promoting scalp health, this cordless electric head massager is the ultimate solution for unwinding after a long day.

    Efficiently distributes oil with the Accurate Oil Applicator:

    With a 3ml serum cabin in the middle of the brush, Scalp Trio can help you apply essential oil evenly and easily while massaging your scalp. The direct touch from the shiatsu hands-free massage comb minimizes the waste of essential oils and prevents them from spreading elsewhere.

    Experience the Real Feel of Shiatsu:

    The Scalp Trio massaging comb replicates the soothing touch of human hands, enhancing the absorption through a revitalizing 360° kneading massage, doubling the effect of essential oils or any nutrient treatment. Unlock your scalp spa experience with three customizable modes (soothing, refreshing, relaxing) and 72 massaging bristles!

    3 Massaging Modes:

    Mode 1 : Soothing Modes It offers multiple soothing modes that can help improve blood circulation and scalp health.

    Mode 2 : Refreshing Mode -to stimulate blood flow a nd promote hair growth. 

    Mode 3 : Relaxing Mode - relax your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Using scalp massager regularly can increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair follicles, leading to thicker, healthier hair.

    Cordless Convenience:

    Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility. The Scalp Trio Massager is cordless, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free massage experience anywhere, anytime. Perfect for use at home, while traveling, or even at the office.

    Portable and Travel-Friendly:

      Compact and lightweight, the Scalp Trio massaging brush is designed for on-the-go relaxation. Slip it into your bag or purse and take it with you wherever you need a moment of tranquility.

      Promotes Scalp Health:

      Regular use of the Scalp Trio Massager can help stimulate blood flow to the scalp, promoting hair growth and overall scalp health. Say goodbye to dryness, itchiness, and tension as you experience the revitalizing benefits of this innovative massaging brush.

        Easy cleaning:

          The IPX7 waterproof design of the Scalp Trio enables hair washing with massage in the shower, also making it possible to clean dandruff and wash out the remains of oils at the same time.

          How to use :

          This product cannot be used while charging. After charging, please unplug the power adapter before use.

          Power on/Mode Selection

          Press and hold the power/mode button for about 2 seconds, and the prompt sound is long "di", which means the product is turned on: After turning on the default mode is mode one.

          After turning on the machine, short press the power button to switch the mode, and the prompt sound short "di" means switching succeeded.

          Mode 1: Fast Massage + red light
          Mode 2: Slow massage + red light
          Mode 3: Alternate fast and slow massage + red light

          Liquid Addition

          Open the lid of the liquid tank and add suitable products according to your own consumption. The recommended amount is NO more 3ml, so as not to waste.

          It is recommended to clean the liquid storage tank after each use to keep the product clean.

          Nursing solutions of different brands and concentrations may cause the uniformity of the ball discharge speed if the concentration is too low, there may be a small amount of liquid leakage, please clean up in time.

          Special attention: Do not add unknown substances or corrosive liquids to avoid product damage.


              Q: Suggestions for using essence: 

              1. It is advised to apply a water-like essence serum with high fluidity. Once dispensed from the dropper, the serum will flow more rapidly, allowing all the liquid to be dispersed smoothly within 10 minutes.

              2. Use of this product in excess may result in both physical discomfort and skin irritation.

              3. If there is still has essence left inside, then you can continue to massage until it runs out, or you can add less essence before use (half the capacity of the serum cabin is 3ml). 

              Q: Recommendations for massage techniques: 

              1. Proper comb speed and force are crucial for the proper discharge of liquid from the serum cabin. We highly suggest using a slow combing speed and applying gentle force to ensure normal liquid discharge.

              2. To ensure optimal liquid discharge during your side scalp massage, slightly tilt your head for a better fit between the liquid diversion column and your scalp. This will facilitate the flow of liquid and enhance your massage experience.

              Q: Essence dosage recommendations: 

              The recommended dosage of essence will be marked on the package. Users can adjust the frequency of use of the comb according to the suggest.  

              What's Included
              • SCALP TRIO x 1
              • USER MANUAL x 1
              • CHARGING CABLE x 1
              • WARRANTY CARD x 1
              • STORAGE BAG X 1

              Stop searching high and low!

              Whether you are stressed from hair thinning, hair loss, receding hairline, dandruff or itchy scalp, this is your go-to solution for a more rejuvenating scalp and healthier hair! This versatile & effective tool improves nutrient delivery to hair follicles, promote hair growth & appearance of your hair.