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Upyoga Sense - Double-Wall Glass Tea Infuser

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Brew a healthy organic tea, sip your favorite fruit infusions through Upyoga's range of unique reusable tea infusers. Designed for your everlasting drinking pleasure.


Never Miss Your Hot Tea Again. Portable Slick Bottle With Tea Infuser. Could be a remarkable gift!

 Stainless steel tea strainer, separates loose tea leaves from water, easy and convenient.
 Sealed and leak-proof design.
 Double glass design provides heat insulation and is not hot to touch.  

 Uses durable borosilicate glass, heat and cold-resistant.

 Easily disassembled and easy to clean.

 Comes with strap for convenience.




  1. Tea water separation design, you can use the tea warehouse to make tea.
  2. Sealed and leak-proof design, no water leakage when inverted and shaken.
  3. High borosilicate glass, durable, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, can withstand a temperature difference of -20 degrees -100 degrees.
  4. Double glass design, heat insulation and anti-scalding.
  5. Stainless steel tea strainer, easily block tea dregs.
  6. Easily disassembled and cleaned in all directions without dead ends.
  7. Portable rope, easy to lift.

How to prepare tea in it ?

 It's really simple. To filter the brewed tea, simply place your favorite tea mixture in a glass cap and add hot water to an insulated double walled glass bottle.

Twist and seal them together, then turn the bottle over. Now, the hot water will be filtered through a stainless steel mesh filter to create a perfect brew. Tilt the bottle at an angle of 45 ° so that the tea leaves flow through the part. Product Details :

1 x Glass Reusable Tea Infuser

Product Category: Tea Cup
Function: Heat preservation
Structure: Tea water separation
Shape: Cylindrical
Capacity: 400ML
Material: High borosilicate + PP + 304 Stainless Steel

Perfect gift

Our elegant tea brewing bottles come in three beautiful styles. So you can enjoy your favorite tea or flavoring water at any time.
This makes it a perfect gift for those who can't stay without drinking their favorite blended tea or flavored water. This is simply a kind of enjoyment.