What Type of Yoga Mat is Right for You and Your Practice?

What Type of Yoga Mat is Right for You and Your Practice?

Yoga has been around the world for eons. It existed even when we didn't have gyms and trainers. With the advent of Yoga Mats, Yoga blocks, headstand stools, and more, Yoga has become a very popular, extremely healthy, and fun activity. 

Renowned for the dozens of benefits it brings to you, Yoga should be a part and parcel of your life if you want stable mental health along with strong physical health. Yoga has benefits for everyone - adults and children alike. But as necessary as it is to do Yoga daily, it is just as important to have the right materials by your side. 

Yoga is a disciplined way of freeing your body and mind. You cannot achieve your goals for sound health and mind while struggling with a worn-out rug. You will not be able to focus on your asana if the towel you used as a mat keeps slipping underneath. If anything, situations like these will frustrate you even more. They can also disrupt your yoga routine and discourage you from a healthy element of your lifestyle. 

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Choosing a yoga mat is no walk in the park. Especially in today's world, where you keep getting different opinions about the best material for a yoga mat. When it comes to you, your health, and your well-being, make sure you do not choose just any rag or rug. Choose a Yoga mat according to your practices, preferences, and style. Avoid any further frustration and spend time with your complete concentration on the asana at hand. Confused about which Yoga mat will be suitable for you and your needs? We will help you understand your needs and how to choose the best yoga mat online

Read on and get to know exactly which will be the best mat to use!

  • For Beginners 

Maybe you have just started to get serious about your New Year resolutions or maybe you just didn't have the right mat, to begin with. No matter what, we will help you choose a mat that suits your needs. If you are a beginner and have just started to practice a few basic yoga poses, you can opt for a thick mat that's between 5-8 mm thick. This mat will help you try out new yoga poses without getting any injuries. It will provide you with some much-needed comfort. A yoga mat with alignment lines will also save you from any injuries while trying out yoga poses. 

  • For Intermediates 

If you have nailed the basic Yoga poses and have been practicing every other day for months, then you are probably going to try out some different poses to level up your skills. If you are an intermediate, you should go for a standard-sized anti-skid yoga mat. This mat will help you practice the basic poses while moving on to new ones! 

  • For The Experts 

After months and months of sweaty practice, you are finally at the point where you can give advanced yoga asanas and poses a try. This will require a lot of hard work, determination, and dedication. For advanced yoga poses and exercises, you can choose a double-color yoga mat that is thinner than usual (between 1-5 mm). A thinner mat will help you get a good grip for advanced poses and help you stay stable while doing them. 

  • For Active Yoga Asanas 

If you are neither of the above and are just trying out active yoga asanas, there's a yoga mat for you too! For asanas and poses that will require balance and stability, you can go for thin mats that will help you get a good grip on the textured surfaces. 

  • For Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a type of Yoga that prioritizes and encourages physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Practiced at a very slow pace, Restorative Yoga involves a lot of stillness and deep breathing for healing purposes. If you're practicing Restorative Yoga, you should go for a thick mat that will ensure your comfort at all times. 

  • For Travellers 

If you love to travel and love to do Yoga as well, you can opt for a specifically designed travel mat that will ensure portability. Travel mats are smaller than your regular Yoga mats and are a lot thinner and lighter to help you carry them around with you. 

While your level of yoga skills, practices, and preferences play a role, the material of the Yoga Mat has an essential part to play too. The best material for a yoga mat will usually depend on your choices. On the one hand, PVC is durable and easy to maintain, whereas, on the other hand, TPE will provide you with good traction and make it the best yoga mat to use despite its durability. Make sure you take into view the affordability of the mat while buying too!