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Upyoga 2 in 1 Hair Comb Incense Burner & Home Diffuser | 1 Year Warranty | Rechargeable | Bakhoor Included

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Elevate your self-care routine with 2 in 1 hair comb burner & home diffuser! 

Smell like an Indian Goddess, All Day! Everyday!

The Upyoga 2 in 1 Hair Aroma Tool is a must-have for those who desire a long-lasting and captivating aroma for their hair and the first of its kind. Infused with the enchanting scent of your favorite oud, this unique product offers a dual function, combining the benefits of a hair accessory and a fragrance all in one. Leave a trail of elegance wherever you go.

Old tradition with a modern twist!

Versatile Functionality:

This unique product serves dual purposes. Not only does it function as a hair comb, but it also doubles up as an incense burner and diffuser for your surrounding .Enjoy the convenience of taming your locks while indulging in the therapeutic aroma of your favorite incense.

2 Attachments Included 

  • Comb Attachment:  Adding aroma therapy to your hair & atmosphere !

  •  Diffuser Attachment: Ceramic electric incense burner suitable for indoor aroma ,mini diffuser for car, Buddhism, Temple, Worship, Living room, Bedroom, Study, Meditation room, Yoga room, Restaurant, Hotel, Library, Hand-held, etc. Function widely use, helps to purify the air, meditate and relax, relieve stress and improve sleep quality.
Effortless Hair Care:

Experience hassle-free hairstyling with our ergonomic hair comb. Designed with gentle bristles, it effortlessly detangles knots and smooths out frizz for a polished look. Say goodbye to tugging and pulling with this gentle yet effective hair tool. 

Aromatherapy on the Go

Transform any space into a calming sanctuary with the built-in incense burner and diffuser feature. Simply place your favorite incense stick in the designated slot and let the soothing scent envelop you. Whether you're at home, in the office, or traveling, create an ambiance of tranquility wherever you go. 

Complete heatless : 
With our heatless design, you can style your hair with ease and confidence, knowing that you are taking care of your hair's health.


Hair has never been better:
✔ Infuses hair with a long-lasting scent - A scent experience that lingers for over 48 hours.
Gentle on Hair - Gentle and nurturing experience for your hair through oud diffusion rather than harsh perfumes and oils.
✔ Instantly eliminate unpleasant odour, frizz, and enhance texture - Tame frizz and create a smooth, sleek appearance
Completely heat-free - A heat-free solution to ensure hair health and vitality. The device auto turns off after 45 secs to prevent hair burn, it can be turned on immediately if usage is more. 
Versatile and Inclusive - With 2 attachments included, the hairbrush attachment is ideal for straight hair, while the diffuser attachment is designed specifically for curly hair.
Take it with you anywhere - Compact and portable design to take it on-the-go, whether you're traveling or attending an event.

Make your hair smell good every day!


✔ Damage Free Oud Hair Diffuser  
✔ Helps remove instantly bad hair smell, frizz, and texture
✔ Infuses hair with a pleasant fragrance that lasts over 48 hours
✔ 100% Heat Free with Auto turn off technology.
✔ Comes with two attachments for every hair type

A heat-free solution to ensure hair health and vitality. The device auto turns off after 45 secs to prevent hair burn, it can be turned on immediately if usage is more. 

Easy to use :

  1. Twist the cap to open the diffuser attachment .
  2. Insert the  metal gasket in it.
  3. Add desired choice of bakhoor incense in sufficient amount.
  4. Close the diffuser attachment .
  5. Long press the power button to turn on/off.
  6. Wait 3 sec for somke to come out.
  7. Fix the comb attachment in it.
  8. Press the power button to start.
  9. Move gently it on your hair.
  10. Follow the manual sheet for more guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered :

  • Prior to initial use, ensure that the device is fully charged.
  • If the indicator light of the unite flashes red , it mean the product is of low power & needs to be charged in time to keep the battery sufficient.
  • The product is designed to automatically shut down after 1 minute 30 seconds of operation to prevent overheating. After a 10-15 second cool down period, the device can be restarted for continued use.
  • Sufficient amounts of Bakhoor incense are necessary for optimal smoke output.


1 x Smart Aroma Tool
1 x Bakhoor Oud Sticks (Fragrance) 
1 x Comb Attachment
1 x Diffuser Attachment
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Oud Picker


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