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Yoga Stretch Belt 10 Loops

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A unique tool to attain greater stretch and flexibility. Features of non-slip support with a durable non-slip buckle.

It’s especially helpful for deepening your leg stretches, correcting the alignment for greater health benefits.

This Yoga Belt is wider than regular Yoga belts, developed for better grip and hold.

It is one of the important Yoga Props for best Yoga Practice.


  • Safe and effective stretching: whether you are a beginner, athlete or physiotherapist, with this premium yoga band you can comfortably improve your mobility and flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Made from ecological organic cotton – our yoga strap is made from sustainably grown organic cotton. This protects nature and makes our strap very durable and hard-wearing. The strap is comfortable to touch, has no chemical smell, is non-toxic and skin-friendly.
  • Highlights – Compared to straps with buckle, this loop strap has the advantage that training to adjust the strap length does not have to be interrupted. The 10 loops make it easy to find the right length for each exercise and allow you to observe the training progress.
  • Wide range of applications – can be used as valuable support during daily training. Yoga Strap, Yoga Band, Pilates Band, Loop Band, Stretch Fitness Strap, Physiotherapy Band.

Benefits :

• Improves Blood circulation

• Increases Flexibility in the hamstring muscle.

• It helps to align the Body posture in a variety of yoga Poses.

• Using this yoga belt you can achieve difficult advanced yoga poses with ease.